How to enroll

There are three ways to see if you are eligible and apply:


1. Visit the kynect website, where you can
apply for Medicaid or get help.

2. Talk to a kynector, a person or group
who can meet with you to help you
learn about your health plan options
and enroll, on the kynect website.

3. Call the KY Health Benefit Exchange
at 1-855-4kynect (1-855-459-6328)
or TTY 1-855-326-4654 or your
local DCBS Office.

If you mail in an application, the state will tell you if you can get Medicaid, but the kynect
website is much quicker and lets you pick a plan right away.

When can I apply?

If you think you may be
eligible for:

  • Medicaid or KCHIP, you can apply at any time

Depending on the type of coverage you are seeking, you may not be able to choose a health plan until the next Open Enrollment. Visit the kynect website at or call your local DCBS Office to learn more.