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What We Do Every Day

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Anthem is about helping people live healthier and more independent lives. Our story is case workers, doctors and nurses listening to members, understanding their problems and finding solutions to make the health care system work better, one member at a time.

Anthem in Action: Someone to Turn to

Robert suffered near fatal injuries and spent eight weeks in intensive care. His mother later brought him home from Arizona to California and became his full-time caregiver. Robert required round-the-clock care, home medical supplies, a lift for his bed, and more importantly, transportation. Frequent visits to the emergency room for dental infections were an indicator that the family needed help. Enter his case manager Donna who soon became more than a resource about Robert’s benefits, but a friend who helped to pull the family out of the isolation they had experienced in their home for over six years. The result? An improved quality of life that Robert and Johna never thought was possible.