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Preventive care can help you save money

Preventive care, like a yearly checkup or flu shot, is important because it helps keep you healthy. And it helps your doctor find and take care of a medical problem before it becomes worse. For HIP members, it may also help save money!


How it works

HIP Plus members

If you get wellness checkups and screenings and you have money left over in your POWER Account, we’ll double the amount of your credit. It’ll be determined four months into your next benefit period and will lower the total cost for you! (Note: The amount of your rollover cannot be greater than your yearly contribution amount.)

HIP Basic members

When you manage your account well and get preventive care, you can lower your future costs. If you get these services, like wellness checkups and screenings, you can qualify for a reduced HIP Plus contribution if you choose to move to HIP Plus.

Prevent, rollover and save!

Ask your doctor today about getting these services based on your age and gender:

  • Annual physical
  • Mammogram
  • Pap smear
  • Cholesterol testing*
  • Blood glucose screen
  • Tetanus-diphtheria screen
  • Flu shot

*Every year or as necessary based on your medical needs

Page Last Updated: 7/23/18