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How to renew

Keep your health care during redetermination

After your first year in HIP, you have to complete and return documentation for benefits every year. This is called redetermination. If you don’t return the requested documents and comply by the date your benefits are due to end, you will lose your benefits.

If you reapply or return requested information after your benefits end but within 90 days, you will have the opportunity to receive health coverage again – although there may be a gap in coverage dates.

Be sure to follow these steps to keep your benefits:

Step 1: Check your mail

About 45 days before your benefits end, you'll get a renewal letter from the state. This letter will tell you when your current benefit period ends and to renew before this date.

Step 2: Look for another letter

After the first letter, the state will send you another letter. You'll get one of three responses telling you what to do next. Please read everything carefully and follow all instructions:

  1. No action needed

    If the state has all the information they need, you'll get a letter about your new benefit period.

  2. Check your information

    The state may already have the information they need. But they may ask you to check it. Send them confirmation or correct information as soon as you can. After that, you'll get a letter about your new benefit period.

  3. Provide more information

    The state may ask for more information before you can renew. Keep your benefits by turning your information in on time!

If you don’t send the information in 90 days, you’ll have to wait six months from the date your benefits ended to apply for HIP again.

Has anything changed?

Have you moved? Do you have a new phone number? The state needs to know. This will ensure you keep your benefits. If you have any changes, tell your case manager or contact your local Division of Family Resources website right away.

If you're in HIP, choose Plus

If you have HIP Basic, you may be able to choose HIP Plus when you renew! With HIP Plus, you get extra benefits like dental and vision. And you can avoid all the copays with HIP Basic.

The letter you get telling you about your new benefit period will also let you know what your monthly POWER Account contribution will be. Just pay this amount to start your HIP Plus benefits.

Understanding your HIP options

Page Last Updated: 7/23/18

Questions about renewal?

HHW and HIP members call:
1-866-408-6131 (TTY 711).

HCC members call:
1-844-284-1797 (TTY 711).