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Your Right to Choose

Anthem Blue Cross Cal MediConnect Plan is all about choices. As a member, you can:

  • Choose health care providers within our network and switch providers if you want
  • Help with your care planning and coordination of your services
  • Hire, fire and supervise your In-Home Supportive Services providers — just like you can today
  • Get self-direct care with help from your Care Team and Case Manager
  • Get your prescriptions filled at any of our network pharmacies without long delays

We know your relationship
with your doctor is important

The state will try to match you up to a plan that works with the doctors you see the most. If your provider doesn’t work with a Cal MediConnect plan, there are times you can ask to keep seeing him or her for up to 12 months if certain conditions are met.

This will give us time to contract with the doctor so that you don’t have to switch. If the doctor doesn’t want to contract with us, we’ll help you find a new doctor to give you the care you need.

There are some times when you can see a doctor or provider who’s not in our network:

  • If you need a service that cannot be provided within our network (prior authorization is required)
  • In emergencies (prior authorization is not required)
  • If you need out-of-area dialysis services (prior authorization is not required)

You can also choose not to be part of the plan. Read more about how you will get your health care if you disenroll.

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