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State Partners

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The States We Serve

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The States We Serve
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People Come First

We care about people. Anthem improves health outcomes one member at a time, by doing the right thing for our members. The people we serve are most important. They make our work more than just a job. Our employees are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to address members’ needs each and every day.

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Whole Person Care

Anthem’s whole person approach is more than just health care. We are passionate about seeing “the big picture” to address all of a member’s psychosocial needs and goals for housing, education/employment, transportation and meaningful participation in the community so that they can live their best lives.

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Getting Results

Anthem generates superior value for states by connecting members to the right care in the right seeting at the right time. Our staff go above and beyond to do what’s right for members and families. As a result, member realize meaningful improvements in their daily lives and states achieve their health care delivery system goals.

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What We Do Every Day

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