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Healing and Recovery

Adjusting to your new normal takes time. Your recovery might include coping with trauma, getting back on your feet financially, overcoming addiction, grieving a loss, or all of the above. These learning tracks can help you heal and recover.

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Learning Tracks

Addiction Recovery

Learn how to identify triggers and early warning signs, explore what others have done to recover and make a plan for your own recovery.

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Financial Recovery

Learn how to set financial recovery goals, hear from others who have learned to successfully manage their finances, and explore tips and tools to help you remain on top of your finances.

Start Financial Recovery

Healing from Trauma

Develop a plan and identify tools to heal from trauma.

Start Healing from Trauma

Navigating Grief and Loss

Learn how to identify triggers, explore what others have done, and make a plan for walking through your grief.

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Double Trouble, Double Recovery

This learning track dispels the myths surrounding dual recovery, shares what others have done, and helps us make a plan for next steps.

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