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Nevada Check Up

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Solutions provides all your Nevada Check Up benefits, like care from a PCP you choose, pharmacy benefits, checkups and preventive care, and more — all at no cost to you. We know health care is about more than just doctor visits, so our benefits are designed to make a difference in your life.

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Am I eligible?

Families who don’t qualify for Medicaid may still get health care for their children through the Nevada Check Up program. To get Nevada Check Up benefits, families must have limited income, live in one of our service areas and have children who:

  • Are under 19 years old
  • Aren’t eligible for Medicaid
  • Don’t have other health insurance coverage
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What you get with Nevada Check Up

We help your children get the services and support they need, plus special extras just for being our members. Our extra benefits are designed with kids in mind.

There are no copays for covered benefits and services.

Maintaining good health is important. With Anthem, you go to one main person for your health care. He or she can be a doctor, a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant. This person is called your primary care provider or PCP. Anthem has a large network of doctors and nurses who help our members.

Find a PCP in your area

Even kids can experience problems with depression, anxiety, or alcohol and drug abuse. We’re here if your child needs help. We have doctors, therapists and counselors to help with behavioral health needs. All behavioral health services and treatments are private and don’t need a referral from your PCP.

Find a provider in your area

Members get eye exams once every 12 months as part of your Anthem benefits. You don’t need a referral from your PCP for eye care benefits.

Nevada Medicaid members under 21 also get eyeglasses or contact lenses if medically necessary. Members can call EyeQuest at 1-800-787-3157
(TTY 1-800-466-7566) for help finding an Anthem eye doctor in your area.

As an Anthem member, you get extra benefits — beyond what you’d expect. These include:

  • Transportation benefits  — Need a ride to your doctor’s appointment? We can help.
  • Free cellphone with free monthly minutes, data and text messages.
  • Bedside delivery of medications — Medications delivered to you when you’re discharged from a hospital setting so you don’t have to stop on your way home.
  • Annual sports physical from an Anthem PCP for members ages 6-18.
  • Annual Boys & Girls Club memberships for members ages 5-14.

We’ll help you take control of your health with these special programs

  • 24/7 NurseLine  for answers to your medical questions and concerns anytime, day or night
  • LiveHealth Online  to see a doctor anytime via online video chat, when you need an appointment fast
  • Disease management programs  to help you control ongoing conditions like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, HIV and more
  • New Baby, New Life℠ education and rewards program for pregnant women and new moms
  • Health education classes

We put tools and technologies in your hands to make it easier to access care and services. Your Care Plan is a tool for Nevada Check Up Case Management members to help you:

  • Stay connected with your care coordinator
  • Get your care coordinator’s phone number and email address
  • Send secure messages about diagnoses, goals, medicines, services and more
  • View your goals and objectives
  • Check due dates and statuses of goals and objectives
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You get a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines when you choose Anthem.

How to get your prescriptions

Getting your prescriptions filled is easy. Simply take your written prescription to a plan pharmacy or ask your doctor to call it in. Be sure to show the pharmacy your Anthem member ID card.

It’s good to use the same pharmacy every time you fill a prescription. That way, your pharmacists will know about problems that could occur when you’re taking more than one drug. If you use more than one pharmacy, you should tell each pharmacist about all the medicines you’re taking.

Find a pharmacy

Express Scripts

We work with Express Scripts to provide your medicines.

Express Scripts Reimbursement Form
Express Scripts Online Registration Form
Express Scripts Mail Order Form

Preferred drug list

We have a list of commonly prescribed drugs your doctor can choose from. It’s called a Preferred Drug List (PDL). Covered drugs include prescription drugs and certain over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. There are no copays for drugs listed on the PDL when you have a prescription from your doctor. Your benefit includes many OTC medicines when you have a prescription from your doctor.

Your doctor may need to get preapproval from us for certain drugs. You’ll also need preapproval for brand-name drugs when generics are available. Your doctor’s request should tell us why a specific drug is needed and how much is needed. Drugs listed on the PDL with a PA beside them need preapproval. You can email and ask us for an exception at wrkgp-submitmyexceptionreq@anthem.com.

Preferred Drug List (English)
Preferred Drug List (Spanish)

Common Over-The-Counter Medicines

Searchable Formulary

Use our searchable formulary to find brand-name and generic drugs that are listed on your PDL.

You can search for your drug by doing any of the following:

  • Typing the name (at least first three letters) of the drug in the search box
  • Using the A-Z list to search by the first letter of your drug
  • Clicking on the therapeutic class of the drug
Searchable Formulary

Drug interactions and side effects

Learn more about drug interactions or side effects on the Express Scripts Drug Information page.

Your member resources

Member handbook

Your member handbook is your go-to guide for health services. It tells you how you can get the most from your benefits. Read it to find out about:

  • Your benefits
  • Special programs and services like wellness care for adults and children, disease management and behavioral health
  • Your rights and responsibilities as an Anthem member
  • How to choose a primary care provider
  • How to get help if your doctor’s office is closed
  • How to reach Anthem Member Services if you have questions

Need a handbook mailed to you?

Call Member Services at 1-844-396-2329 (TTY 711).