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Use our provider search tool to find doctors, pharmacies and other providers that work with our plan. You can search by provider name, city and state, or specialty. A few types of providers you’ll find include:

  • Primary care provider (PCP)
  • Specialist
  • Hospital
  • Facility
  • Behavioral Health
  • Laboratory
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LiveHealth® Online

Visit a doctor 24/7 through live video using LiveHealth® Online. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Don’t wait until your next sick day. Sign up today.

Provider education and training

You can get more information about the providers in our health plan. Visit docinfo.org to search for providers and find out where they went to medical school.

Getting you the care you need


Anthem works with IngenioRx to provide your pharmacy benefits. We cover a wide range of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. There are no copays for covered prescriptions.

Pharmacy Member Services: 1-833-207-3116 (TTY 711)

Help for pharmacists: 1-833-248-1447

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Anthem members in Nevada receive routine vision services through EyeQuest. You don’t need a referral for vision care. For help finding a plan eye doctor, call EyeQuest toll free at 1-888-300-9025
(TTY 1-800-466-7566) or go to the EyeQuest website. Use your Anthem identification (ID) number to log in to their website.

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For some services, you’ll need a referral from your primary care provider (PCP) before getting care. When your PCP is unable to give you care or treatment, he or she may send you to another provider, such as a specialist. Your PCP will sign a referral form and send you to an Anthem network provider. The referral form tells you and the specialist what kind of health care you need. Be sure to take the referral form with you when you go to the specialist.

You’ll need a referral from your PCP before:

  • Seeing a specialist
  • Going to a hospital for non-emergency care
  • Getting medicine your PCP can’t give you

Self-referral services

For most services, you’ll go to your PCP or another provider in our network. But there are some services that we’ll pay for, even if you get them from a provider who’s not in our network. These are called self-referral services and include:

  • Behavioral health care
  • Care provided by your Anthem network PCP’s nurse or doctor’s assistant
  • Emergency care
  • Eye exams from an Anthem network eye care provider (optometrist)
  • Family planning services from any qualified family planning provider
  • Healthy Kids visits to an Anthem network provider
  • Prenatal care from an Anthem network obstetrician or certified nurse-midwife
  • Yearly exams from an Anthem network OB/GYN

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Introducing Sydney Health

Download the Sydney Health mobile app from your app store and log in using the same username and password. 

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Need to talk to a nurse?

Whether it’s 3 a.m. or a Sunday afternoon with the family, health issues happen at the most inconvenient times and places. Our 24/7 NurseLine is a resource you call when life throws you a curve ball: 1-800-600-4441 (TTY 711).

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