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Advanced Directives

What is an advance directive?

An advance directive is a form you fill out and sign. It helps make sure you get the medical care you want if you are ever so sick or injured that you can’t speak for yourself. An advance directive also states who you want to make health care decisions for you. That’s why it’s important to choose someone you trust.

The two kinds of advance directives:

Living will –‒ Tells what kind of treatments you would want, and what treatments you wouldn’t want
Durable power of attorney –‒ Names a person of your choice to make decisions for you

How do I get an advance directive?

  • Call Member Services at 1-844-396-2329 (TTY 711) for more information on advance directives.
  • Get an advance directive from your Primary Care Provider (PCP).
  • Go to caringinfo.org to find your state-specific advance directive. Click the Planning Ahead tab to download and print your state-specific advance directive.
  • Or start your living will at NVLivingWill.com via the online form.

Once I have the form(s), what do I do?

  • Review your options and rights. Take your time. Think about it. Talk it over with your doctor and loved ones.
  • Fill out and sign your advance directive.
  • Give your signed advance directive to your PCP and other persons you trust to have it when needed. You can change your advance directive later if you want.
By making your wishes known now, you will be sure to get the kind of care you want or need in the future.

Visit our member handbook to learn more about advance directives.