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Anthem Rewards for staying healthy

Earn rewards and stay healthy

At Anthem, we want you to be as healthy as you can. Great health starts with preventive care. It’s the care you get when you’re not sick so your doctor can help you before you get sick. Your health is so important, we want to reward you for it.
Below are the many types of care you can get to earn incentives through our Anthem Rewards program. Talk with your doctor about preventive care that’s right for you. We’ll send you texts and emails to let you know which incentives apply to you!
Be sure to check out our Blue Ticket to Health page to find out how to win prizes through our partnership program with the Indianapolis Colts!

Well-baby visits: $50
  • Babies until 15 months old with six or more well-child visits
  • Children 15 to 30 months old with two or more well-child visits
Annual child/adolescent well visit: $20
  • Ages 3 to 20
  • Yearly preventive visit
Adult preventive visit: $20
  • Adults ages 21 to 65
  • Yearly preventive visit with your PMP
Asthma medication refills: $20 per quarter, up to two quarters per year
  • Members with asthma ages 5 to 64
  • Medication adherence to show control of asthma and participation in care management
Diabetic retinal eye exam: $20
  • Members with diabetes age 18 to 75
  • A retinal or dilated eye exam by an eye doctor (optometrist or ophthalmologist) each year
Early prenatal care: $25
  • Women who are pregnant age 14 to 54
  • Completion of a prenatal visit in the first trimester or within 42 days of enrollment
Postpartum care: $20
  • Women who have recently delivered a baby
  • Attend postpartum visit 7 to 84 days
Follow-up after mental illness: $20
  • Members age 6 and up
  • Complete a follow-up visit 1 to 7 days after discharge from an inpatient mental illness stay
HIV+: $20 per quarter, up to two quarters per year
  • Members with HIV that are engaged with care/disease management
  • Enrollment in the Anthem HIV care/disease management program AND completed prescription fills, along with viral load testing results under a threshold of 200 copies/mL
Smoking cessation — initiation: $20
  • Members who smoke and engage with the Indiana Tobacco Quitline
  • Start the tobacco cessation program
Smoking cessation — completion: $20
  • Members who smoke and engage with the Indiana Tobacco Quitline
  • Complete the tobacco cessation program
Substance use disorder $10 per visit, up to $100 per year
  • Members with identified substance use disorder
  • Complete intensive outpatient therapy
Program services and incentive amounts are subject to change without notice.  

Anthem Rewards program rules

  • Medicaid must be your primary insurance.
  • You must be an eligible Anthem member at the time the reward is used. If there is a lapse in your coverage after earning the reward, you will not be eligible to use the reward.
  • Your Anthem Rewards may only be used at participating retailers like Giant Eagle, Walmart, CVS, and Family Dollar Stores in Indiana.
  • The purchase of alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, firearms, or prescription drugs is not allowed.
  • You must have a valid email.

To redeem, follow these steps:

  • You will receive a gift card with the earned amount on your card.
  • Activate the barcode on the gift card. Call the toll-free number or go to the website.

Page Last Updated: 4/1/21