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How To Renew

Steps For Renewing

1. Watch for a notice in the mail.

You will receive a letter from the State when it’s time for you to renew. Your letter will tell you what action is needed. If your benefits are auto-renewed, then your letter will tell you that you are approved for another year. Be sure to check that your information on the letter is correct and contact DFR if changes are needed.

2. Follow the instructions in your letter to complete your renewal.

Gather any documents you may need and follow all steps listed in your notice.

3. Send back all requested information by the due date listed.

You can do this in any of these ways:

•Online at https://fssabenefits.in.gov/bp/#/

•Fax to 800-403-0864

•Mail to: FSSA Document Center, PO Box 1810, Marion, Indiana 46952

• In person. Find your local office https://www.in.gov/fssa/dfr/ebt-hoosier-works-card/find-my-local-dfr-office/

What if you lose your coverage?

You can still reapply for HHW, HIP, or HCC. Visit the FSSA Benefits Portal to get started.

No longer qualify? Call us at 833-812-3405. We can connect you to an individual and family plan that’s right for you.
Learn more about staying covered

Have You Moved?

If you moved this past year, the state needs your new address. Report your changes through the FSSA Benefits Portal. Call 800-403-0864 if you need assistance.

You can also visit your local Division of Family Resources office. They can also help you with your renewal.

Do You Have Hoosier Care Connect (HCC)?

To keep your health care benefits, you may have to renew your benefits. Some HCC members have to renew every three years and will get a letter from the Social Security Administration. Other members, such as those in foster care, may have to renew every year and will get a letter from the state of Indiana. If you get a letter about renewal, you must complete and return any requested information to stay enrolled in HCC.

If You Are In HIP, Choose HIP Plus

POWER Account Contribution Collections Are Currently Stopped

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, Medicaid members do not need to make copays for health services.

If you have HIP Basic, you may be able to choose HIP Plus when you renew. With HIP Plus, you get extra benefits like dental and vision. And you can avoid copays.

The letter you get telling you about your new benefit period will also let you know what your monthly POWER Account contribution will be. Just pay this amount to start your HIP Plus benefits.

Page last updated: 6/14/2023