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Blue Ticket to Health

Team up with the Indianapolis Colts!

Anthem and the Indianapolis Colts are teaming up to help you stay healthy through the Blue Ticket to Health program. Call your doctor to schedule a wellness checkup today and enter to win!

Here’s how to play:

  • You must be age 3 or older to enter
  • You must be an Anthem member at the time of service and receipt of the prize
  • Call your doctor to set up your yearly wellness checkup for you and/or your children
Team up with the Indianapolis Colts!

Get in the game!

Once you have your wellness checkup, you will be automatically entered in Blue Ticket to Health for a chance to win one of hundreds of prizes.

If you need help setting up an appointment with your doctor, we can help. Call Member Services:

  • 866-408-6131 for Hoosier Healthwise and Healthy Indiana Plan
  • 844-284-1797 for Hoosier Care Connect
  • 711 for TTY

By participating in any Blue Ticket to Health program activities, you agree to the following:

  • Program rules and guidelines that may apply to certain prizes
  • The use of photos showing your participation in related program events
  • Contact by phone, if needed, to verify and/or inform you of program information

Page Last Updated: 4/1/21