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Pharmacy and prescription drugs

Your benefits include a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. Medi-Cal members do not have a copay or deductible for prescription drugs.

Filling a prescription
Bring your member ID card and prescription to any pharmacy in our plan. To find a pharmacy near you, use our search tool.

Find a pharmacy

Drug coverage information

Searchable formulary (drug list)

The formulary is a list of all brand-name and generic drugs available in your plan. A group of doctors and pharmacists updates this drug list every three months to make sure that the drugs on it are safe and useful.

You can use the searchable formulary to search for drugs by:

  • Using the A-Z list to search by the first letter of the drug name
  • Typing the name (at least first three letters) of the drug in the search box
  • Clicking the therapeutic class of the drug
Searchable formulary

Printable formulary

You can also view and print the whole drug list (formulary).

Don’t see it listed?

If you need to take a drug not listed in the formulary, you or your doctor may request an exception at submitmyexceptionreq@anthem.com. You’ll be asked to supply a reason why it should be covered, such as an allergy to a drug, etc.

Prior authorizations

Some medicines need a prior authorization, or an OK, from us before your doctor can prescribe them. Your doctor must contact us and request prior authorization to get an OK.

Drug interactions and side effects

Learn more about drug interactions or side effects on the Express Scripts Drug Information page.

Express Scripts (ESI) online registration

You can manage your prescriptions online through Express Scripts (ESI).


Get the Express
Scripts App

Express Scripts cellphones using Express Scripts app

Manage your medicines with ease anytime, anywhere with this free app.

Use the app to:

  • Set reminders to take or reorder your meds
  • Find a pharmacy near you
  • Get your pharmacy history and personal alerts

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